Funeral Services Costs


It is often said that it is by luck that we are born but is very definite that we will die. Death causes stress to the departed’s family, relatives and friends. Funerals are normally held to celebrate the live of the departed and this is a very common thing to most people. Traditionally the death could be just buried in the bush and left but nowadays new technology has emerged with new methods of holding funeral meetings and services.

Sometimes it may look so hard for some poor people to carry out funeral services due to high headstone prices. The cost of a gravestone or tombstone varies depending on the design, size, color and type of material used to make it. Finish, artwork and lettering do contribute to the determination of the cost of a gravestone. There are different types of gravestones such as flat upright and bevel and do vary in price. The average cost of a gravestone is between $ 1500 and $ 2000. This cost may not seem so affordable to the poor. Currently, most people would choose bronze and granite gravestone because they are cost effective, resilient and durable. The average price of a single gravestone is $ 450 while that of bronze costs up to $ 600.

Hiring a funeral director costs $ 1900 and this covers the typical costs of the funeral and does not cover the disbursement costs. The disbursement costs include the fees that cater for cremation, burial, celebrant or minister’s services and the doctor’s costs. The death certification fee for the doctor is 165 pounds which only applies for the cremation and not for burial. This fee also does not apply if the deceased is still in the hands of the procurator fiscal or coroner. Cremation fee goes up to 560 pounds and burial fee runs up to 1500 pounds. Besides the obvious or essential costs there are other costs that would add up the funeral costs. These may include buying funeral flowers which may cost up to 140 pounds, obituary or announcing the death which may cost 55 pounds. Others may include memorial services and this may cost 800 pounds. Using additional limousine service to transfer the death is another additional cost and this may rise to 260 pounds. Order sheets costs 70 pounds.
Venue hire for funeral reception is an additional cost and may cost 170 pounds. Catering or funeral reception is also likely to raise the average cost of the funeral service. To reduce the catering costs, one can get assistance from family and friends and help you make the food at home. If all these costs are added up, eventually you will come up with a bigger figure which may not be so affordable to the poor. In case you are arranging for a funeral meeting, try and see that you avoid the costs that are likely to be evaded or get assisted from relatives and friends so as not to bring unnecessary costs or the optional costs. It is also important to check whether the will of the deceased and whether he had enrolled a Pre-paid Funeral Plan.

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